SARA stands for Southwick Altogether Raising Aspirations.

Intervention projects are at the heart of what our Violence Reduction Unit does to improve lives and prevent crime and the SARA project does just that. With a particular focus on helping some of the most vulnerable members of the community, it brings partners together to make the area better. Funding was secured to help create a community development worker role to engage directly with the local residents, businesses and schools and grow awareness so that people know the hub is there for them and how it can help.




Northumbria Violence Reduction Unit Funding




Bringing people together through community hubs like this is a key step to improving our neighbourhoods. We want to work with families and young people at risk of becoming involved in crime, so they know there is an alternative.

Levels of crime in Southwick have decreased by 37% and we believe we can keep on improving this figure by effectively tackling issues through this joined-up, effective approach.

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