Priority 5 – Support for Victims

Being a victim of crime can undermine a person’s confidence and make them unhappy or frightened. It can affect a person’s outlook on life, that’s why it is so important that we put victims at the heart of policing.

Protecting vulnerable victims is absolutely a priority for Northumbria Police and I will continue to make sure this focus remains.

I will:

  • introduce a new system for supporting victims of crime, whilst continuing to invest in the services that support people through this journey.
  • tell you how many victims of crime have been supported, their satisfaction with the service provided and how we are meeting the Victims Code of Practice.

Priority 6 – Tackling Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Violence and abuse can blight communities and lead to devastating consequences.  It has devastating, traumatic and long-lasting impact on victims, families and wider communities.

I will make it my business to encourage people to come forward and report it, support them through their experience when they do.

I will:

  • continue to develop our methods of support, increase our education offer, build on our domestic abuse strategy and challenge the force to ensure the best support for victims is provided.
  • tell the public exactly how many victims have reported these crimes, how many of these are repeat incidents and how many victims are satisfied with their service from Northumbria Police account.