HMICFRS PEEL (Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy) Inspections

Since 2018 HMICFRS has issued a single report to forces with gradings in the areas inspected. The PEEL inspection programme looks at evidence from its all-force inspections. The evidence is used to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy of the police. These assessments were introduced so that the public will be able to judge the performance of their force and policing as a whole. The latest inspection for Northumbria Police can be accessed through the HMICFRS below.

HMICFRS website

As part of their programme and framework for future inspections HMICFRS have moved to a 2 year reporting cycle and will publish new PEEL reports between late summer 2021 and end of March 2023. Once the next inspection report for Northumbria has been published we will provide a summary infographic of the HMICFRS assessment of the force’s performance against each inspection area.

Links to all reports relating to Northumbria Police are listed below. Here you will also find responses to the reports from PCC Kim McGuinness.


January Northumbria response to the recommendations within the Liberty Southall super-complaint – Update Nov 2021 Response



February An inspection of the effectiveness of the Regional Organised Crime Unit – February 2021 Response
Disproportionate use of police powers – A spotlight on stop and search and the use of force – February 2021 Response
March Getting the balance right? An inspection of how effectively the police deal with protests – March 2021 Response
April Custody services in a COVID-19 environment – April 2021 Response
Policing in the pandemic – The police response to the coronavirus pandemic during 2020 – April 2021 Response
May Report on Hestia’s super-complaint on the police response to victims of modern slavery – May 2021 Response
June Review of policing domestic abuse during the pandemic – 2021 – June 2021 Response
July Interim report: Inspection into how effectively the police engage with women and girls – July 2021 Response
Neurodiversity in the criminal justice system: A review of evidence – July 2021 56 day response to follow
A joint thematic inspection of the police and Crown Prosecution Service’s response to rape – Phase one: From report to police or CPS decision to take no further action – July 2021 56 day response to follow
A shared confidence: A summary of how law enforcement agencies use sensitive intelligence 56 day response to follow
A Review of Fraud – A time to Choose 56 day response to follow


January State of Policing
Evidence led domestic abuse prosecutions – January 2020 Response
Northumbria Police – Joint inspection of police custody – January 2020 Response
February National Child Protection Inspections: 2019 thematic report – February 2020 Response
A joint thematic inspection of Integrated Offender Management – February 2020 Response
March Counter-terrorism policing – An inspection of the police’s contribution to the government’s Prevent programme – March 2020 Response
July A call for help – Police contact management through call handling and control rooms in 2018/19 – July 2020 Response
Roads Policing: Not optional – An inspection of roads policing in England and Wales – July 2020 Response
PEEL spotlight report: The Hard Yards – Police to police collaboration – July 2020 Response
December Pre-charge bail and released under investigation: striking a balance – December 2020 Response
Safe to share? Liberty and Southall Black Sisters’ super-complaint on policing and immigration status – December 2020 Response




July The poor relation: The police and Crown Prosecution Service’s response to crimes against older people – July 2019 Response
August Joint targeted area inspection of the multi-agency response to child exploitation in Northumberland – August 2019 Response
September Leading Lights: An inspection of the police service’s arrangements for the selection and development of chief officers – September 2019
PEEL: Police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy 2018/19 – Northumbria Police – September 2019 Response
Shining a light on betrayal: Abuse of position for a sexual purpose – September 2019 Response
October Cyber: Keep the light on – An inspection of the police response to cyber-dependent crime – October 2019 Response