What is an ASB Case Review (Community Trigger)?

An ASB Case Review (also formerly known as a Community Trigger) is an important safety net for victims and communities experiencing ASB to request a review of their ASB case and to bring agencies together to find a solution for the victim(s).’

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) covers a lot of different types of behaviour and can affect people in many different ways.

The ASB Case Review covers behaviour causing or likely to cause nuisance, annoyance, harassment, alarm or distress to any member of the public or which may have a detrimental effect on someone’s quality of life.

If a victim is unsatisfied with the response they have received from the relevant agencies, and they meet the threshold, an ASB Case Review can be activated.

In Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, ASB Case Review activations across all of the 6 Local Authorities are coordinated by the Northumbria Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner who will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your ASB Case Review request and gather further information from you (where required)
  • Liaise with the relevant Community Safety Partnerships
  • Share information with agencies who are responsible for managing anti-social behaviour
  • Record and publish relevant data relating to ASB Case Review activations


In Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, the threshold to activate an ASB Case Review is:

    • An application for an ASB Case Review is received, and;
    • At least three qualifying complaints have been made about anti-social behaviour in the past 6 months

How to activate an ASB Case Review

If you meet the threshold for the ASB Case Review you can contact us to raise a request in the following ways:

Please note:

This ASB Case Review Procedure is currently being reviewed by the Safer Northumberland Community Safety Partnership (SNP) for those cases and victims activating the process in the Northumberland County Council area. This means there may be some elements of difference against this policy document, albeit these will not detract from the statutory guidance and delivery of the process for those in Northumberland. The SNP continues to work and support the ASB Case Review process with the Northumbria Office of Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), who will continue in their coordination and receiving activation requests and liaison with victims where necessary.

Online Form

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By Email : enquiries@northumbria-pcc.gov.uk

By Phone: 0191 221 9800

By Post:

ASB Case Review Activation
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Victory House
Balliol Business Park
Benton Lane
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 8EW

Please note: information is available in other languages upon request.

Where can I get victim support?

Publishing Data

There is a legal requirement under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 for relevant bodies to publish ASB Case Review information. This is detailed below:

Year Report
2022 2022 Statutory Reporting Requirement
2023 2023 Statutory Reporting Requirement


This information will be published annually on this page. For data relating to ASB Case Review activations in your area prior to July 2022, please see the following links to your relevant Council:

Gateshead Council
Newcastle City Council
North Tyneside Council
Northumberland County Council
South Tyneside Council
Sunderland City Council

Northumbria Police

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