To prevent crime, we take a direct approach to intervening with those who are showing signs of vulnerability or are on the fringes of criminal and anti-social activity. The overall aim is to reduce crime and instances of violence, as well as reducing the risk of vulnerable individuals being exploited by others.

To prevent crime, we have commissioned the following interventions:


YOLO Programme

A youth mentoring programme that provides support for young people, aged 10-16 years, and identified as being at risk of knife crime.




Hospital Navigators

A&E provides an opportunity to engage with vulnerable young people who present with injuries and issues which may be a symptom of involvement in serious violence and wider organised crime.




Student Support Champions

Working with young people to improve school attendance and behaviour, reduce suspensions and exclusions and prevent serious youth violence.




Education Team

Delivering informative, interactive and impactful sessions, covering a range of violence reduction topics, in schools and community settings.




Make a Change

A support programme to address and change harmful behaviour.