Priority 3 – Preventing Violent Crime

We need to prevent people, particularly young people, getting into a life of violent crime.

That’s why I set up a Violence Reduction Unit to ensure the police are not alone in standing up to violent crime and I am committed to its long-term success.

I will:

  • ensure there is a clear plan to reduce serious & violent crime – targeting the illegal drugs trade and the crime that follows this
  • publish data on the number of crimes involving serious violence with a knife, as well as number of hospital admissions for knife related serious violence.

Priority 4 – Neighbourhood Policing

Early intervention keeps crime down, and the best way to achieve this is with trusted neighbourhood police officers and staff.

Neighbourhood policing is a top priority, alongside working with other organisations such as local councils to help keep our streets safe.

I will:

  • continue to invest and support neighbourhood policing, whilst engaging with communities to ensure their priorities are being acted upon.
  • seek public feedback and confidence in the force and report back on this. If this falls, I will ensure the force are held to account.