Northumbria’s new Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness, promises to be accessible and open minded and vows to understand what people want and to put their priorities into action, as she spends time with officers and staff during her first month in post.

This week Commissioner McGuinness has been spending her time out and about across the force area finding out what Northumbria Police does to protect the public, tackle crime and support victims.

Her visits included speaking with Community Engagement Teams, visiting the control room, seeing the best of what Northumbria’s Operations Department has to offer, including the Marine Unit and Firearms Officers, and getting to grips with how Northumbria Police operates.

The Commissioner spoke of her dedication to the role and her plans going forward.

She said: “It has been great meeting so many dedicated and passionate officers and staff across the force and I’m going to be doing this a lot more.

“Going out with departments across Northumbria Police to fully understand how they do what they do and how we can work together to provide the best service possible for the public.

“I will also be getting out into communities and going to drop in session and local events to hear their concerns so I can best understand how to tackle them.

“That is how I want to be as a Police and Crime Commissioner – accessible, open minded and understanding of what people want and putting their priorities into action.”

Here’s a link to a short video highlighting the Commissioner’s visit: