Are you worried about colleague or someone you think might be experiencing abuse; or a manager who wants to know how to support better your staff? This training will enable you to connect them to the right help and support.

This half days session will increase your understanding of what domestic abuse is, how prevalent it is within our communities the impact of domestic abuse on an employee, their colleagues and their employer. Sign up to attend one of our online or in person Workplace Domestic Abuse Champion Training sessions and become a part of a Champions Network where you can access ongoing resources and training opportunities.

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We can also deliver the sessions to a group of 10- 20 within your organisation on dates to suit you.

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The document below sets out the domestic abuse training that is available across Northumbria. It includes examples of some of the training available from national providers. It includes training that is aimed at workplaces; front-line professionals; specific groups (e.g. those working with children); and communities.

It also includes a section on other free training and development resources that are available on-line.

Domestic Abuse Training Prospectus 2023-24



In the UK, 71% of women have experienced sexual harassment in a public space. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When we see or hear sexual harassment and do nothing, we empower the harasser.

The same goes for sexism, misogyny and unwanted comments that degrade women and girls – which are often disguised as ‘banter’ When we let these things pass, we create a culture in which others feel able to take it further. If you noticed something that wasn’t okay, would you know what to do?

Get the skills

Active Bystander training gives you the skills and confidence to have conversations with your friends and colleagues on these issues.

It also gives you a range of tools to safely respond to potentially harmful situations such as sexual harassment in public places. That could be diffusing it, offering help to the victim or calling on others to help you out. It doesn’t have to be confrontational – a few calm words can make the difference. When we intervene skilfully, we encourage others to do so too, sparking positive culture change.

Course Information

Northumbria OPCC Active Bystander Training

What is it? Active Bystander Training gives you the knowledge and practical tools and techniques to intervene skilfully and safely in a range of situations. It was designed for us by leading experts in the field and is free to attend, thanks to Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Kim McGuinness, her Violence Reduction Unit, and Safer Streets Funding.

Northumbria OPCC Active Bystander Training takes place across two half day sessionsplease do ensure when booking your course that you are available for both of the dates listed before you confirm your place.

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Lead The Change – Active Bystander Train the Trainer 3-day Course

Who is this aimed at? Would you be prepared to deliver Active Bystander Training in your community or organisation?  This course is aimed at professionals and facilitators who wish to become active bystander trainers and deliver the above training themselves.

What is it? This free 3-day masterclass will equip you with the materials, skills and confidence to deliver Active Bystander Training to staff in your own workplace or to your own communities to help prevent violence and abuse. The materials can be tailored for delivery to mixed gender groups or to single sex groups. All course materials and tools will be provided for you to use.

This 3-day course will cover:

  • The theory and pedagogy of bystander intervention for violence prevention.
  • Facilitating practice sessions to train active bystander intervention techniques.
  • Meeting resistance and ‘backlash’ with transformative empathy,
  • Engaging men and boys in preventing violence against women and girls and building gender equity.
  • Skills and techniques for holding reflective space with men and boys and time and space to do some of this reflection within the training.

Who will deliver it? It is designed and delivered by leading organisations in the fields of active bystander training (Kindling Transformative Interventions) and engaging men and boys (Beyond Equality).



If you want to raise your awareness of what vulnerability looks like in the night-time economy and how to safely respond, this training will give you the skills, confidence and highlight the duties involved to safeguard someone at risk of crime/ victimisation whilst they’re on a night out, Sign up Here for one of our 1 hour Vulnerability Training sessions

Here you will learn to identify and understand what vulnerability in the night-time economy looks like and how to better understand the roles, responsibilities, risk management and duty of care to vulnerable people owed by night time economy sector organisations and staff.

Being on a night out, whether that’s in pubs, bars, restaurants, theatres, public transport, parks or hotels are all places where people, especially women, can be targeted and risk of violence and abuse.   We aim to equip businesses front-line workers and their managers with an understanding of vulnerability and how to engage their safeguarding duties in the night-time economy to ensure our Northumbria is the best night out for everyone, without fear of violence against women and girls.

All of these learning resources openly talk about different forms of Violence Against Women and Girls. If you have your own personal experiences of VAWG or domestic abuse and think you may need support to recover first, or if you’re worried about the content of the workshop and the impact it may have on your well-being, please feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to chat with you so that we can put you in touch with relevant support if you decide that’s what you would like.