Northumbria’s Police Commissioner Kim McGuinness reacts to today’s hard-hitting report which calls for urgent, radical action to protect women and girls from violence. Kim said:

“This report couldn’t be any clearer and spells out what so many who work with victims and survivors have been crying out for, for years- action and change. The figures in the report are alarming and represent an epidemic of violent and abusive offending against women and girls across England and Wales.

“I don’t want to take anything away from the progress, hard work and commitment we have seen in recent years, including the progress in Northumbria Police, but the whole system has to work every, single, time. 

“This report doesn’t tell us anything new though. In fact, we don’t need more reports about this we need change and change will only happen if it is backed up by the right level of funding. This is not something to be skimped and saved on and after 11 years in power it’s time for this government to step up.

“Time is ticking, there are women and children who are suffering unimaginable abuse. This cannot go ignored. Ignoring a problem only means it gets worse. We have to work to prevent it. This is absolutely a top priority for me, for our police and for our region and it’s about time it is for Government too. Through my Violence Reduction Unit, here in Northumbria we are really focusing on this prevention, working to stop reoffending and supporting families at risk of violence and abuse. Our police need all the support possible to help them to get a grip of this because it really is not a job for the police alone. Let’s hope this is the beginning of real change to protect and make women’s and girl’s lives safer.”