HEART-BREAKING conversations and undelivered messages feature in a series of short videos as part of a new campaign determined to prevent knife crime in the North East.

Last week, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Kim McGuinness and the Northumbria Violence Reduction Unit launched their hard-hitting campaign, Knives Impact Everyone. The campaign wants to make young people think before picking up a knife and understand the consequences of their actions.

The videos have been made available on online through a wide range of channels popular with young people, including Snapchat and YouTube. They highlight the devastating impact that knife crime has on so many people, such as family, friends, emergency services and communities.

Featuring difficult conversations between young people when an incident has taken place, an emergency worker reaching out to their partner for support after trying to save a life, a friend comforting a grieving parent and finally, the most heart breaking of them all, a loved one sending a message that will never be delivered, “I miss you so much”.

These powerful videos are the latest release in the Knives Impact Everyone campaign, which already has emotionally charged graphics covering the region’s buses, metro stations, billboards and kiosks, as well as online.

Speaking about the Knives Impact Everyone campaign, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness said: “Most of us think of knife crime as only having an impact on those we consider to be involved, the victim and the perpetrator – but what our campaign sets out is that there are so many more people impacted by this horrific crime. Family, friends, emergency services and local communities – we all feel it.”

“The videos released today show the true devastation and heartache that knife crime brings, from an emergency worker who tried to save a life, to a family member whose message will never be delivered to their loved one.”

“Our Knives Impact Everyone campaign helps us to continue getting important information to young people on the dangers, consequences and impact of carrying and using knives. However, there is so much more that we are doing to tackle knife crime, which the campaign now sits alongside.”

“We need to continue with the youth work, the interventions, the family support and the education sessions, delivered by the Violence Reduction Unit and its partners – all of this together is how we prevent knife crime and any more lives being lost.”

You can find out more about the work of the Northumbria Violence Reduction Unit and the campaign to reduce knife crime here: www.KnivesImpactEveryone.co.uk

Knives Impact Everyone Videos